Explore In 3D: How I Created A Unique Quarantine Camping Experience

I’m a Bostonphotographer, and I primarily work from my home studio.

My husband, Jason, and I have been living in this new world, sheltering at home in our apartment that generally has looked perpetually the same for the last 10 years. After several weeks of working, living, eating, cleaning and KonMari-ing in the same four rooms, Jason decided to shake things up. 

One afternoon, I finished a Zoom call with a few colleagues. I walked into the dining room and was greeted by an explosion of orange fabric, wall to wall, floor to ceiling! 

Jason had pushed our dining table and chairs off to the side and set up our Big Agnes tent, complete with its rain cover (gotta be prepared!). He had moved in the sleeping bag and even some of his essential electronics, like his hanging lanterns and portable battery pack. 

“This is our procrastination tent,” Jason said proudly.


View Nicole’s space in 3D:

On desktop, use your mouse to zoom and rotate the object in 3D; on mobile, place the object in your space, use your fingers to resize and rotate in augmented reality.

It’s been more than four weeks since we’ve had it up, and it’s been fun to make camping meals, like chili, and eat it in our tent.

While inside the tent, we’ve had virtual game nights, played a few more guitar chords. Thanks to in-tent Wi-Fi, we’ve also watched a lot of Netflix!

Sometimes we get a little fancy, with a small tin of foie gras and crackers. More often, it’s a pint of Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream.

Jason and I also co-founded Trapology, a Boston escape room, and for the last five years, we have designed and produced games in which groups of people have to solve puzzles in order to “escape.”

Ironically, there will be no escaping until it’s safe out of the procrastination tent and our apartment.

At first, our procrastination tent felt out of place in our already small living room. Now, I’m not sure how we’re ever going to go back.

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